Student Athlete Advisory Committee


The Purpose
The purpose of the Student -Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) at Marshalltown Community College is to:

Enhance, support and promote student opportunities in both participation and support (fan attendance and campus identity); Support the total student experience by recognizing intercollegiate athletics as a dynamic campus and student life program; Provide a positive student-athlete image both on and off campus through communication, promotion, and community service and; Discuss, process and present, with the assistance of the college Director of Athletics and Student Life all relative athletic procedures and development of the annual athletics budget.

The goals of SAAC are to:

Form and foster a relationship and image of athletics as a student life opportunity to participate, support and/or attend campus related activities and entertainment; Serve as a representative advisory group for the college administration, faculty and student body in relation to policy, planning and budget from a student-athlete perspective; Be active in the college and surrounding service community through various activities such as fundraisers, civic engagement and volunteering and;Be a voice for all Marshalltown Community College student-athletes both on campus and at the national level.

SAAC members are appointed by the sport team head coaches and shall be led by an elected president and two vice-presidents. The duties of the committee shall include, but are not limited to

Creating sporting events that will help bond students on campus; Engaging the college community so that mutual appreciation exists for all constituencies on campus, including student-athletes; Planning and partaking in community service and engagement opportunities for all students.

The duties of the president shall include: 

Leading and conducting regular meetings; Leading SAAC activities; and Delegating and offering guidance to group members in charge of SAAC activities. The Athletic Director shall serve as the college advisor.