About Athletic Training


The college is proud to offer athletic training services to our student athletes.  These services include education for prevention; recognition, evaluation and immediate care; rehabilitation and reconditioning and healthcare administration of athletic injuries. Our goal is to limit the amount of practice and game time missed due to irritating, lingering, or long term injury. It is the responsibility of the student athlete to commit to rigorous conditioning, fitness and strength training, and rehabilitation as prescribed by our staff, doctors, or consultants.  All injuries will be cared for under the guidance of our athletic trainer.  After injury, returning to practice or competition will require authorization from the athletic trainer or for injury referred to our doctors, a letter approving return to practice or competition will be required.  Coaches will not have the authority to determine whether a player is ready to return to practice or game competition.



 Accident and Injury Procedures

All accidents or injuries to a student athlete should be reported to the athletic trainer immediately.  A quick response to a minor injury and proper care will prevent extended time away from the field or court for our athletes.  All injuries will need to be documented by our athletic trainer in order for the athlete to be cared for and for insurance to cover the care and rehabilitation of an accident or injury.





Medical Forms and Authorization Forms

All student athletes must complete all medical and authorization forms prior to participation in any intercollegiate strength and condition program, practice or competition in season or off season. The required athletic forms will be available on July 18.