Marshalltown Community College

Tiger Athletic Club


The Tiger Athletic Club (TAC) has been developed to support the educational and athletic aspirations of the student athletes representing MCC. The TAC member believes that athletics at MCC has a positive impact on our students, campus and community and that with the TAC’s support the Tiger athletic program will commit to success in the classroom where it’s student-athletes have garnered Academic All-American recognition and on the field or court where they have showcased their athletic talents by earning Regional and All-American awards as well as scholarships to continue their academic and athletic pursuits.

Being a member of the TAC will allow you to ensure our continued success and commitment to excellence!

The TAC’s goals are simple: 

  1. Commit to the overall success of Tiger Athletics, its' teams and student-athletes;
  2. Provide an avenue for service and fellowship by the club members that will help develop pride  and community through participation in TAC events;
  3. Increase support for the Tiger athletic department, Tiger athletic scholarship fund and attendance at home athletic events.

The Tiger Athletic Club can be your opportunity to be part of the Tiger Athletics program up close and personal.  Being a member has its benefits.  The Tiger Athletic Club has three arms of activity:

  1. COMMITMENT”.  We are dedicated to providing the best student athlete experience possible.  To do this our student athletes need to feel at home here in Marshalltown.  We hope that your participation as a Tiger Athletic Club member will prompt you to seek ways to be involved in our programs and belief that you can make a difference in our program and our student athlete’s lives.  By providing an avenue for increased commitment, we will strive to strengthen community partnerships in order to enhance the student athlete experience.
  2. SERVICE”.  We are seeking members to become involved through participation and servant leadership in yearly planned activities that support home athletic events, community events and Tiger athletic department fundraising events.  Building pride in our Tiger Athletic brand will allow you to feel good about giving your time and service for the betterment of our programs.  Examples may include tailgating prior to games, community volunteerism, raffles, and Tiger Days.
  3. SUPPORT”.  We are appreciative of the support we have from our community, local businesses and our college staff and faculty.  We continue to strive for continuous quality improvement for all of our athletic programs and for the opportunities provided to our student-athletes.  We will strive to provide increased student-athlete scholarships, facility improvements, increased operational support, and a quality learning experience in order to ensure student success. 

To become a Tiger Athletic Club member, please click on the TAC Enrollment Form link.  Complete the enrollment form for you or your family and start to enjoy the rewards of being part of the Tiger Athletic Club and help make the Tiger student athlete experience more rewarding.