Athletic Fundraising/Sponsorships


The Marshalltown Community College Athletic Department is supported financially in many ways.  The athletic department receives Iowa Valley Community College District (IVCCD) support and financial allocations from bond, levy, tuition, bookstore, student fees, donations and scholarships to help offset the costs of maintaining athletic facilities and general operating expenses associated with sport sponsorships.

Athletic fundraising and sponsorships are an integral part of the support needed to maintain high quality and competitive sport programs not only in the Iowa Community College Athletic Conference (ICCAC) but at the national level.


There are four fundraising initiatives currently supporting the athletic department:

  1. Tiger Athletic Club 
    • The Tiger Athletic Club has changes its focus from the straight fundraising focus to service and involvement of the membership. To receive more information about the TAC and membership, please click on the link.
  2. Business and Corporate Sponsorships/Advertising
    • Showcasing your business through advertising signage is available at all the athletic venues including the Student Activities Center, Shawn Williams Field, MCC Softball, and Soccer Fields. Sponsorships/advertising can be in the form of money or trade value.  Thousands of students, visitors and community members will see your advertisement all year long with the new signage program we have brought back to help support our programs. Events such as MCC games, graduation, college fairs, job fairs, Chamburrrrr Scurry-Wellness Weekend, Lego League, Mat Tumblers, MCC sponsored youth tournaments put over a thousand of people in view of your sign on a monthly basis.  Don’t miss out on this great chance to show your support for MCC Athletics.  
    • Advertising on our athletic website is now available.  Your business and logo can have direct link to your business site helping to drive business and show your support for Tiger Athletics.
    • Advertising on our Season Ticket for volleyball, men’s and women’s basketball, and baseball will provide your business a connection to our fans.
    • Advertising in our media guide or game day programs will put your business’ name in front of our fans every time we have a game. 
    • If you are interested in advertising your business with our high traffic, high visibility, please contact John J. Kriebs at 641-844-5670 to discuss your interest and our availability.


  3. Family/Business Donations
    • You, your family or your place of business may make a donation to the athletic department or any of our athletic programs in support of their operating needs.  Examples of donations could include but are not limited to:  financial donation, specific purchases such as baseballs, bats, uniforms, travel gear, scoreboards, facility renovations, etc

               If you are interested in making a family or business donation please contact John J. Kriebs at 641-844-5670 to discuss your interest and our availability.

  1. Tiger Athletic Scholarship Fund
    • The Tiger Athletic Scholarship Fund (TASF) was developed to help support the educational aspirations of our student athletes.  MCC is able to help our DI student athletes with all financial needs associated with attending our campus including tuition, fees, room & board, books, travel and associated course fees.  We can provide our DII student athletes financial support with tuition, fees, books and associated course fees.  In accordance with NJCAA rules regarding the number of scholarships/grants in aid that are allowed for each of our sports, we are not a fully funded athletic scholarship program.  
    • Therefore, we look for continued support from our friends of the program to continue our quality development by supporting us through scholarship donations.  Contributions to the TASF go directly through the MCC Foundation and get credited back to our program for disbursement to our student athletes.  You and your family or business can make general donations, specific donations per designated sport, or work with our MCC Foundation to set up a yearly scholarship fund under your name or to set up an endowed scholarship.  

If you are interested in contributing to the TASF, please contact John J. Kriebs at 641-844-5670 for to discuss your interest and our needs.