Mission and Philosophy


Athletics Mission Statement

We offer competitive intercollegiate athletics as a way to create a positive environment that nurtures personal, physical, emotional and social growth integrated with the pursuit of excellence in academics to enhance a well-rounded educational experience.


Athletics Philosophy Statement

Intercollegiate athletics for men and women is an integral part of MCC. Athletic programs serve the well-being of student participants and benefit the broader College community. The Intercollegiate Athletic program at the College serves the following purposes:

  1. To provide an opportunity for educational and personal growth and development for participating male and female students. The foremost criterion of success for the MCC athletic program is the well-being of its student participants;
    To create an environment in which student-athletes succeed in their academic work, as well as in athletic competition, by encouraging and helping participants develop a sound academic plan leading towards graduation and transfer;
    To offer participants opportunities to enjoy themselves, the experience and develop personal skills and values such as community, spirit, learning, character, balance and fair play dedication, perseverance, team effort, cooperation, discipline, self-confidence, respect, responsibility, integrity, servant leadership and other attributes of leadership, human development and citizenship;
  2. To help develop career opportunities, both in and outside athletics, which are personally fulfilling;
  3. To offer the skilled student-athletes the opportunity to compete at the NJCAA level;
  4. To develop school spirit and create a sense of community, by enhancing the College experience of all students, participants and non-participants alike;
  5. To provide spectator entertainment to the College community;
  6. To foster a positive identification with and goodwill for MCC graduates, public support and institutional identification to the College; and,
  7. To strive for excellence in the intercollegiate athletics program, as MCC does in its academic programs, through more than just competitive success, but through the academic and personal accomplishments of student athletes, the quality of personnel, and effectiveness of program administration.


MCC adopts the following operating principles to govern the operation of its Intercollegiate Athletic programs.

• Commitment to Student Participants

Since the overriding purposes of MCC’s Intercollegiate Athletic program is to serve the well-being of students, MCC will provide to student participants academic counseling, encouragement and opportunities to develop a sound academic program to attain a degree, personal guidance and counseling to help participants develop as responsible and healthy individuals, realistic career planning, conditions during practice and competition which minimize the risk of injuries, and seek the best facilities, training, coaching and administration feasible.

• Academic Standards

Students who participate in intercollegiate competition must meet all appropriate academic standards for admission to MCC and for continued progress within an academic program. A student-athlete’s academic work takes precedence over athletic activity. The University will not allow participation in intercollegiate athletics to interfere with a student’s academic program or progress towards a degree. A student may not participate in intercollegiate athletics unless he or she is continually making reasonable progress.

• Personal Conduct

Student participants in intercollegiate athletics carry a special responsibility as representatives for MCC. For the privilege of participating in intercollegiate athletics, MCC expects its student-athletes to adhere to exemplary standards of personal behavior.

• Institutional Integrity and Responsibility

The College will operate its intercollegiate athletics program in conformation with its own institutional rules as well as the rules of the NJCAA and the ICCAC.

• Equal Opportunity

The College is committed to providing equal opportunities for all students, including women and minorities to participate in its intercollegiate athletic programs.

• Recruiting

MCC is committed to honest and responsible recruiting of student-athletes who can benefit from a Marshalltown Community College education, are a tribute to MCC as members of its academic and athletic programs, and can contribute to the success of the teams.

• College Control

Intercollegiate athletic programs are an integral part of MCC and are the responsibility of the College. The Director of Athletics and the coaches will thus administer all aspects of the programs with direct oversight by the Provost. The Athletic Director will also have input from the Faculty Athletic Council, Tiger Community Athletic Board and the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee. Support and involvement by alumni, booster groups and others are necessary. All activities by such groups and individuals affecting intercollegiate athletics must be in accordance with applicable regulations and under the strict control of appropriate College personnel.

The intercollegiate athletic programs are affiliated with the NJCAA as its national governing board and with the ICCAC as its conference affiliation.

Our association with the NJCAA and the ICCAC provide our institution, coaches, and student athletes the opportunity to compete with some of the best competition in the area and the nation on a yearly basis. Our teams and student-athletes will be able to compete for team and individual recognition for their athletic and academic accomplishments.