Insurance Information


All student athletes are required to have a primary healthcare insurance policy that included benefits for intercollegiate athletic injuries.  The policy information card will be held in the athletic trainer and with each coach when their team travels, to ensure quick service if emergency help is needed when the team is traveling.

In the event that the student athlete sustains an injury as a direct result of his/her participation in an official team athletic activity (practice or game), coverage of medical expenses incurred will be processed in the following order:

                1. Student athlete’s primary policy (Check on in network and out of network benefits)

                2. Athletic department’s secondary insurance policy

                3. Catastrophic insurance policy (any expenses over $25,000)

Once the student athlete’s primary healthcare policy pays it portion, the athletic department’s secondary insurance will be filed. The athletic departments secondary insurance does not cover: illness of any sort, injuries occurred outside of official athletic participation, pre-existing injuries, eye exams, eye glasses, contacts, or dental work (unless as a direct result of an injury to a sound and natural tooth). It also does not cover any accidents that occur in the dorms or off campus. It is also important to note that even with primary and secondary coverage; all involved plans may not cover all cost. With this in mind the College or the College Athletic Department will not be responsible for any payment not covered by the applicable insurance policies. The student athlete is ultimately responsible for those charges incurred on their behalf.