Visiting Team Information


Any athletic team that visits Marshalltown Community College will have access to the athletic training room which is located on the northwest corner of the Student Activity Center.  As per ICCAC rules, limited access (treatments only to include heat and ice packs) will be given to those teams traveling without a licensed or certified athletic trainer.  Those traveling without a LAT/ATC are also required to supply any additional supplies that may be needed for taping or game/practice preparation.  

The following supplies will be available to all teams traveling to Marshalltown Community College; ice, water, cups or bottles, AED, vacuum splints, and bench towels.  Shower towels will not be provided by the athletic training staff.  


Medical Coverage

The Athletic Training Room will be open approximately one and one-half hours prior to an event. The Athletic Training

Room is located in the northeast corner of the Student Activity Center. Hot packs and other modalities will be available

in the training room prior to games. We will also have all emergency supplies, such as AED, vacuum splints and crutches

on the home sideline/bench area during events.


Important Phone Numbers

Marshalltown Medical and Surgical Center (641) 754-5151

John J. Kriebs (Athletic Director) (641) 844-5670

Mike Jones (Head Athletic Trainer) (641) 512-6322

Athletic Training Room (641) 844-5724

Athletic Dept. Fax (641) 252-8144

The following items will be supplied for all events:


Basketball and Volleyball – Bench Area

5 gallons of water


Biohazard supplies

Postgame ice is located in the athletic training room.


Soccer – Bench Area

5 gallons of water


Ice Chest and Ice Bags


Baseball and Softball

5 gallons of water


Ice Chest and Ice Bags