Tigers Moving On


The MCC men's basketball team has had great success throughout the history of the program of advancing its student-athletes on to the next level. This is a list of players that have moved on to four-year schools after their time at MCC.

Name Year(s) at MCC Four-year school Professional League
DJ Anderson 2010-2011 Bemidji State University  
Michael Appel 2009-2011 Southwest Minnesota State University  
Marcus Bell 2010-2011 California State-Stanislaus/U. of Idaho  
Sherman Blanford 2010-2012 Eastern Illinois University Oulu NMKY (Finland)*
Rashaad Brown 2010-2012 Southwest Baptist University  
Tyler Brown 2009-2011 Illinois State University Main Red Claws (NBDL) / Cholet Basket (France)
Chris Caird 2010-2013 Drake University  FSU Selfoss (Iceland)
Kyle Calhoun 2010-2012 Evergreen State College  
Troidell Carter 2012-2014 Florida International University  
Will Clyburn 2008-2010 University of Utah/Iowa State University Darussafaka Dogus (Turkey)*
Jamyles Coleman 2011-2012 Ashford University  
Keith Coleman 2010-2012 North Texas University  
Matej Delinac 2011-2013 Slippery Rock University  
Marco DeSouza 2005-2007 Chadron State College  
Cem Dinc 2005-2007 Harvard University  
Dwayne Edwards 2007-2009 University of Wisconsin-Parkside  
Patrick Fandja 2005-2007 Truman State University  
Carlos Figueroa 2007-2009   Leonces de Ponce (Puerto Rico)*
Jamal Gatali 2012-2014 Slippery Rock University Moncton Miracles (NBL of Canada)*
Martez Hawkins 2007-2009 Union University  
Jiri Hubalek 2004-2005 Iowa State University  
John Johnson 2012-2014 Slippery Rock University  
Douglas Kurtz 2007-2009 University of Hawaii Franca Basquete (Brazil)*
Vincent Lasley 2014-2016 Slippery Rock University*  
Bryan Louff 2009-2010 Montana State University  
Amir Maddred 2014-2016 Slippery Rock University  
Christal Malalu 2014-2016 Slippery Rock University*  
Henrique Medeiros 2009-2011 Columbia College Joinville (Brazil)
Kenard Moore 2005-2007 Southeast Missouri State University  
Marquis Navarre 2007-2008 Montana State University Latrobe Demons (Australia)
DeMarcus Phillips 2008-2010 Iowa State University  
Cameron Robinson 2011-2012 Dakota State University  
Mike Rodriguez 2013-2015 Southern Illinois University  
Paulius Sakinis 2014-2016 Peru State College*  
Nilson Santana 2010-2012 Montana State University- Northern Universo (Brazil)*
Luiz Santos 2009-2011 Slippery Rock University  Liga Sorocaba (Brazil)
Derrick Stewart 2011-2012 Southwest Baptist University  
Kenny Strong 2012-2014 West Virginia State University*  
Veisteinn Sveinsson 2009-2011 Ashford University  
Mohamed Thiam 2016-2018 New Mexico State  
Chris Timms 2003-2005 University of Denver  
Javier Valdez 2008-2010 Ashford University   
Luis Valera 2006-2008 Texas Pan-American Guacharos (Venezuela)
Guilherme Verardo 2013-2016 Slippery Rock University*  
DaShawn Wright            2005-2007               San Jose State University